The making

From vine to wine

Cultivation of the vines

It all begins with working the land and vine cultivation, in order to raise fully matured grapes. We also selected the 3 grape varieties of Champagne (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier) from the Berru, Avenay Val d'Or and Montbré territories, listed in the 12th century by the Chapter organisation for their quality and particular uniqueness in character. We do favour cultivation techniques as manual as possible, while respecting the identity of each terroir in order to enhance the expression of their organoleptic characteristics.

The harvest

The culmination of vineyard cultivation comes with the harvest or "vendanges" done exclusively by hand - to be sure of the integrity of the grape bunches. The bunches are then slow-pressed whole, growth after growth, so as to extract the precious juices, which will be placed in separate vats.

First fermentation

The first fermentation comes with the natural action of the yeasts present in the musts, for about 10-15 days.


In accordance with the "Champenoise" method, the mixing is a delicate but essential stage which, thanks to the subtle blending of clear wines from different growths, grapes and vintages, makes it possible to retain the special aromas and character of our champagnes.


"Racking" corresponds to the bottling of the wine. This again is fully part of the methods of Champagne discovered in the 17th century by the monk Dom Perignon - a liqueur made of yeasts is added, so as to trigger a second stage of alcoholic fermentation, which leads to bottle fermentation.


The bottles are stocked in our cellars for over 3 years, in optimal conditions and at constant temperature.


The last manipulation of the wine consists in eliminating the yeast sediment formed during bottle fermentation, when disgorging, to give it perfect clarity. A dosage liqueur is then added before placing their last cork on the bottles. This determines the type of the wine: 8g per litre for our Brut champagne.
Our champagnes are then preserved in cellars for another 3 months before being ready to serve.

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